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Mrs. Natalia Peil is highly skilled team leader with over 20 years of project management experience in operations, HR and finance. Through her career with major international financial institutions, she also built considerable competency in defining product line for broad range of financial products, including investment, retail, corporate and personal banking. 

With zealous attention to details, Natalia’s strong hands-on sales experience includes developing annual sales plans and targets and achieving them by providing support, guidance and incentives to sales teams. Expertise in HR and organizational development consist of successful implementation of core programs, including design and management for employee benefits, profit sharing, bonus and retention programs.  

Leading multiple business functions for Citibank, Natalia exceled in building and supervising cross-functional teams driving change management implementation projects.  

Natalia holds a MS in Engineering from Irkutsk Polytechnic, and Series 1.0 Qualification Certificate in Securities. 


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