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Strategic marketing, branding and intellectual property protection

Strategic marketing plans enforced by ADDFORCE make it possible for clients to have a detailed overview of their all-important objectives, ensuring that each area of their business is balanced and targeted toward a properly planned company development.

Using a classic approach when it comes to selection and identification of target markets, ADDFORCE prioritizes the positioning of a client’s product or service. ADDFORCE offers complete support for marketing activities, including market research and analysis, development and registration of trademarks, conceptualization and implementation of communication strategies, as well as initiation and execution of brand launches.

Included in its roster of high profile projects are the package restyling and brand re-launching of SURE FILTER™ in the US and Canadian markets; the positioning and promotion plans for ZEO in the European market; the corporate branding and positioning for the new collectibles brand; and the strategic planning and portfolio strategizing for a group of brands in Eastern Europe.

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