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Investment Management

ADDFORCE helps and supports individuals as well as corporate investors in choosing and developing the best investment strategies and tools to accomplish their financial objectives.

Recommendations given by ADDFORCE are based on market trends and realities, keeping in mind the clients’ specific circumstances.

Ultimately, their financial advice is intended to produce the maximum income from investments, while limiting levels of risk.

Investment strategies provided by ADDFORCE for clients include evaluation and selection of investment instruments, and the development of action plans as well as the prudent implementation necessary in the achievement of intended results. Strategies are based on the likelihood of profitability and risk.

The company’s access to unique business opportunities allows ADDFORCE to assist entrepreneurs seeking to partner with appropriate individuals and groups, with ADDFORCE aiding in the preparation of required documents, and mediating in business negotiations.

Having the interest of clients as its top priority, ADDFORCE maintains confidentiality and commits to long-term cooperation.

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